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How to prolong the life of pumps?

2018/10/12 17:55:02 Click Number:2876

Maybe the short life of pumps due to its Frequent starting up has disturbed you! But this issue will be dealt with once you use pumps with Seaflo pressurized accumulator tank. The max operating pressure of seaflo pressurized accumulator tank is 125psi, and it play a key role on pressure regulation. The quantity of pump starting up will be decreased and the flow of water will become more gentle. Moreover, A small amount of hydration makes the main pump of the water supply system sleep and make the usage amount of electricity decrease, which is no noise as well. Most importantly, the life of pump will prolong.

As shown on the Pump Accumulator Pressure Boost System, a fully assembled pressure set that simplifies the installation of water pressure systems for both the professional and amateur installer. The set consists of a 5 chamber diaphragm pump, strainer and pre-pressurized accumulator tank with quick connect electrical connections on a Plate mounted board. Serves 3 or more 1/2" (13mm) outlets. And this Pump Accumulator Pressure Boost System mainly used on the marine and RV water supply system.添加文章

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